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A healthier high.

Modern enlightenment. One cup at a time.

Find Your Element

We believe you’re at your best when you’re in your element — and matcha is the best way to get there.

Don’t take our word for it, humans have been using matcha ceremonially to reach enlightenment for thousands of years. While we honor the search for higher purpose, today’s enlightenment looks a little different. Element is an invitation to an altered state of euphoria. An offering from the Earth — carefully picked and brewed to enrich your mind, body and spirit. Our matcha is the highest quality for higher energy. Higher thoughts. Higher highs. That’s what we call Modern Enlightenment. Thank you for joining on the exploration for a healthier high.

Our Story

The Element story.

We started Element in 2023 with a mission to share the magic of matcha with the world by offering high-quality ingredients at accessible, affordable prices. Our promise is to always source the finest tea leaves available, to champion the incredible health benefits of matcha, and to have fun doing it.

What’s Good for Earth is Good for You.

Our Process

We’re committed to the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes.

It’s all about the matcha. Straight outta the shady hills of Shizuoka, Japan, our matcha is proudly grown in a remote location, at an elevation between 400m and 700m, creating an environment for matcha perfection. The unique organic farming model supports the health and happiness of the farmers and their families. Each small batch is farmed using regenerative practices that allow for the matcha to co-exist with nature— enriching the health of our leaves and elevating the quality of our products. Our matcha is processed at the finest organic farm in Shizuoka, because what’s good for Earth is good for us, too.